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Paulette Wood

Paulette called our office one day in the summer of ’17 to order a dozen Wonder Woman cards. She shared with our Sales Coordinator that she would be sending them as invitations to true wonder women in her life … they lived throughout the country, and most had never met. She planned to have this gathering of friends at her home in Windsor Heights, IA, so she could express her admiration for each of them. How cool is that?!

Hanging up from that call and tickled by such exuberance, our Sales Coordinator promptly reached out to Paulette’s Fairy Cardmother. Days later, a big blow-up of our Wonder Woman card reached the Woods residence, to Paulette’s surprise and delight! 🙂

In October, we received a full report and party pics via this lovely long note from Paulette (in the Wonder Woman card, of course). “I was able to tell seven Wonder Women from age 34 to 96 how amazing they each are, and how they’ve positively impacted my life. Two came from out-of-state, and all said they were wonderfully curious when they received my invitation. The Wonder Woman card you created for your Cardies was the catalyst for my party, and the spectacular poster made it a very special event. I truly do have a Fairy Cardmother!”

Five months later, Paulette kindly wrote again, “I wish to tell you about a Cardthartic experience I had recently. For 42 years before my retirement, I was a speech-language pathologist at a large hospital; I treated patients with both communication and swallowing disorders, usually caused by brain injury. I kept in touch with many of my patients for years after hospital discharge because I admired the courage, perseverance and hope they revealed.  One of these past patients died shortly before the holidays.  When my husband spotted the obituary in the newspaper, I decided to attend the visitation. When I arrived, the daughter of the deceased asked me to accompany her to a table near the flowers.  To my astonishment, 18 cards stood open for guests to read … all of them had been sent by me over a 10-year period.  Her mother had saved them and looked forward to the next one in the mail. All the cards were made by Cardthartic.

“My appreciation of your company continues to grow. The open-hearted spirit of each person at Cardthartic truly does continually reach out and lift people up.  I am so glad to be in the Cardthartic fold.”

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