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Donna Hopkins

In the Fall of ’17, Donna emailed us to say she’d discovered a fixture of our cards in our great Retail Partner, Mongrel, in Richmond, VA. She introduced herself with, “I am a letter-writer with pen pals around the world, and a photographer, so your cards captured my attention on both fronts. Wondering if any of my photographs might be a good match for your cards. Worth a look, I hope.”

Our Creative Coordinator Liz Biswell loved what she saw, and then started reading Donna’s blog (donnamhopkins.com) … what a writer she is!  Liz wrote,”We had a great time mining your blog for potential messages and images. You are such a pleasure to read!  When I stopped reading with enough time left to write to you today, I said to Jodee, ‘I’ve only gone back six weeks and already have 13 potential Passages messages I love.'”

Donna responded, “I’m delighted you were able to mine my blog and come up with some messages that might work for cards. It always feels good to be seen and appreciated for our true selves, and the pictures I take are an honest expression of how I see the world. Even if no photograph or writing of mine is ever chosen, your message made it worthwhile to reach out.

“I love the philosophy of Cardthartic,” Donna said, “and spent some time browsing your website to get a feel for what types of photographs might do justice to your mission. Since photography and writing are my beloved hobbies — my time is largely spoken for as a caregiver for aging parents on both sides of our family — I try to keep them free from pressure and lofty expectations, so I genuinely appreciate your comments.”

We selected her sweet boots & umbrella shot on new Passages card #93905, When Donna learned the message on #93898 would be on a Cardthartic card, she wrote. “All of us have days where we wonder if what we do matters and if we are on the right path, and then something as simple as a card arrives – an honest image with thoughtful and heartfelt words – and we know for sure that it is our connection that sustains us. I am happy to be on both the giving and receiving side of cards. It always feels good to be seen and appreciated for our true selves. I feel as though I’ve just been welcomed into a beautiful circle of friends.” The circle expands as more of Donna’s messages become Cardthartic cards. On we grow!

Cards by Donna Hopkins