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Amy Beamer Murray

I love sending cards because I love knowing that receiving a card at precisely the right time can change the trajectory of someone’s day. Plus, in the digital age, the act of putting pen to paper is somehow more personal and meaningful than ever before.

I first picked up a Cardthartic card on Martha’s Vineyard. I loved the cards and visited the website to learn more about them. And I was hooked.

I have two favorite designs: I love Passages’ “Country Church” because of its simple, heartfelt message. Sometimes sympathy cards are so overwrought with sentiment, so I appreciate the simplicity of the visual and the message.

My other favorite is the Meanings of Life “Cardinal.” Before my dad passed away, I had never heard the story of how cardinals represent our loved ones who have passed. The winter after my dad died, my backyard feeders were polluted with cardinals — and my sister told me the story. Ever since then, when someone loses a loved one, I send that card about three months later as part of what I call “after care.” After the funeral has long since passed, and the phone calls are fewer and farther between, and there hasn’t been a sign of a floral arrangement or casserole in weeks ~ but the burden of grief is still so heavy that you can physically feel it ~ that’s when I send the cardinal card.

I’ve heard more than once that I have a knack for sending the right card at the right time, for knowing exactly what someone needs to hear exactly when he or she needs to hear it. If that’s the best thing someone can say about me, I’ll take it. That’s pretty awesome!

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