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Beverly Wise

I discovered Cardthartic cards several years ago while on vacation in Montana. In a gift shop, I spotted a spinner of “Meanings of Life” cards, started reading and fell in love!  They were such beautiful representations of life, love, traditions, heritage … and I bought a whole bunch of them.  When I returned home, I looked up the website, and I’ve been hooked ever since!  I have branched out to other Cardthartic lines, but still use mostly Meanings of Life cards for all occasions.

My favorite card is the Meanings of Life owl; it talks about the Goddess of Wisdom and inside says, “Sending this one to watch over you. You will win this battle.” It was the card I chose to send to a girlfriend who had developed an insulinoma in her pancreas. She really appreciated that card as, for months, she was in a life or death battle of her own. And, because our last name is Wise, my mother used to collect owl items, so the owl itself brings back memories of my mom.

I’ve seen and truly believe cards help develop and expand relationships. I tell everyone I can about Cardthartic … what an inspiration, such a great example of social consciousness. And, of course, I now send Cardthartic cards almost exclusively!


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