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Sarah Ashley Posch

I first saw Cardthartic cards while browsing through a shop in downtown Lawrence, KS. I was surprised by their beautiful simplicity and also the fact that these cards seemed to say what I often felt inside.

I have been writing to my aunts, uncles and grandmother, Mammy, as long as I can remember, back before I even knew what a paragraph really meant. Whatever was going on in my life at any time, it was never complete until I put it all into a letter or card. Gradually, the recipient list changed, as first Mammy, then aunts and uncles and dear friends passed away, one by one.

When my aunt June passed away, my cousin, Carolyn, sent my family Cardthartic card #93265, the cherry blossom card that reads, “When you’ve loved someone your whole life … you can be sure their love surrounds you still.” The words put a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. I’d set it down only to pick it up and read again. That card stays with me, right there in my heart, everywhere I go. That’s what a card is meant to do. That’s what I hope mine do whenever I send one for a birthday, a get-well, condolence or just to say “hello.”

Aunt June never failed to send me birthday cards and letters since I was a little girl, her handwriting never changing, even when macular degeneration meant she couldn’t see to quilt or read anymore. She’d be turning 92 late this month, and it’ll be hard not sending her a card.

I’ve always made my own cards, and my favorite responses run from ‘I keep ALL your cards,’ to ‘your card made me cry,’ to ‘Christmas is here now; I got Sarah’s card,’ to a photo captioned ‘See, I really do keep all your cards.’  Those responses aren’t what makes me write, of course. I’ve always loved writing. I always knew it was part of what I wanted to do and be. But those responses from family and friends have given me the fire to keep going when I need it. I am thrilled my words have now become a Passages card.


Message by Sarah Ashley Posh