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Mary Morini

A longtime Cardthartic follower, Mary Morini read an eblast from us in July of 2015, and graciously emailed our founder to say how much she enjoyed our cards and stories. The retired HR exec closed that e by writing, “Blessings come in many forms, Jodee. Thank you for being one of them for me.”

Thinking, “That’s a card!” Jodee replied with her thanks and the request to publish Mary’s message (sans “Jodee”).  And she asked if Mary would like any dedication printed on the back of the card. Mary replied with surprise and delight saying, “Yes! I feel like I’ve won the lottery!  This is such an exciting development. I’m thrilled. Yes!” Five minutes later she wrote Jodee again, “In my happy haste, I neglected to say I’d like to dedicate it to my husband, Larry.”  Ok, Jodee thought, “Who says, ‘In my happy haste?’ 🙂  I love this clever Cardie!”

We published Mary’s “blessings” message and, when she saw her words printed in a Cardthartic card, she was happily hooked!  We wholeheartedly encouraged her to share more

of what she penned in all those cards she sent. Instead, Mary’s next card message was gleaned from a tribute she wrote for her beloved late sister-in-law, Loretta Girard:


Hardest to lose is someone who really showed us how to live.

We did not have the good fortune of knowing Loretta, but she must have been amazing to be so loved and admired by one of the kindest, wisest, most witty and well-spoken people we’ve ever met.

Mary may not have set out to have her wonderful words published on cards, but ~ lucky us! ~ she now has nearly two dozen already to her name. Stay tuned!

Cards with messages by Mary Morini