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Carla Schmitt

Carla is the equally eloquent sister of Contributing Cardie Ann John.  Ann’s description of their beloved late mother, Virginia McCracken,  became Passages condolence card #93833. Featuring a glowing flower cluster, the card reads, “She lived every moment of every day.” When Carla saw that tribute card, she wrote to thank us and added, “Mama mailed love and encouragement tucked into every corner of the cards she sent throughout her long life, and her example is ingrained in our hearts and habits.” Needless to say, we encouraged this McCracken sister to write on!

After Carla read in an eblast that our founder’s sweet 7 lb Papillon would be having radiation therapy to shrink a tumor on her spine, she wrote from her home in South Carolina to Jodee and Miss Josephine Barker on Miami Beach. Her message, “My thoughts fly across the miles to you,” was so soothing and well-received that we paired it with the lanterns image, and Carla proudly became a Cardthartic “Contributing Cardie.”  It’s our hope that Carla’s sweet message lifts others’ spirits as much as it did Jodee’s … that good energy and the radiation worked their magic and Josephine is now fine.

And how fun is this?!  When Carla learned that her “My thoughts fly” message would become a card, she wrote a thank you note that prompted a second Passages design! “I want to say thanks for all that you bring to my life.”  Contributing seems a given for this Cardie!  Stay tuned.

Cards with messages by Carla Schmitt