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Marianne Meischeid

She’s lived in the building next door to our founder for many years, and been part of the Cardthartic Creative process in many ways. First, a little-known fact: All proposed Cardthartic cards are first tested on the beach. Yep, we publish only designs that have made it past Jodee’s brutally honest sandy-feet focus group, headed by Marianne. 🙂  She’s such a good person on which to test proposed designs because she gets that we need her to be brutally honest, or what’s the point?!

So when she saw what was to become the Inspiration poppy card, she grew very quiet until Jodee finally had to ask, “No?”  Marianne quickly said, “Oh, goosebumps YES. I’m just working up the nerve to ask if you might dedicate it to my mother, who’s turning 94.” It was an honor for us to do so — and even in time for Mary Doreen’s birthday bash — and Marianne snapped the pic of her Mom reading the new card aloud.

Just months later, Mary Doreen Meischeid suddenly passed away. As a way of grieving the loss of the mother she held so dear, Marianne went to stay with a close friend in Rehoboth Beach, DE, who is a regular at our great retail partner Browseabout Books there. Marianne’s text to Jodee read, “Wow, I walked into Browseabout just now and the first thing I saw was Mom’s card! That red poppy jumped right off the fixture at me! It’s as if Mom’s signaling, ‘I’m right here with you, honey, still watching over you.’”

As a matter of fact, Jodee credits the ultimate success of many messages to their being fine-tuned by Marianne, and her bubbly love of life has prompted us to create several designs in her name. She even brought her love of photography into Cardthartic’s Creative mix, when we published her coffee cup shot. Stay tuned!

Cards inspired by Marianne