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Betty Farr

We couldn’t help but notice the very intriguing online order that Cardie Betty Farr placed in the Fall of ’18. She wanted a single design: 93542 (shown below). And she wanted 30 of them.

As her cards were being boxed for shipping, Betty’s Fairy Cardmother dropped in a note saying, “This order made us want to know you, so good-old-Google led us to stories describing your amazing community involvement, your gift for storytelling, and the Benevolent Spirit Award you were given. We can’t do this every day (because we must stay in business!) but it’s our honor to send these cards to you free-of-charge in admiration of all you do. Keep on, Betty, keep on! ~ Your Fairy Cardmother”

Betty sweetly responded by email, “Fairy Cardmother, I am overjoyed by your generosity. Your note truly brought tears to my eyes. I would like you to know how I plan to use these cards. When I hear of the death of a good friend or loved one, I always send the family a copy of a book someone sent me when my husband passed away 10 years ago. The book is My Beautiful Broken Shell by Carol Hamblet Adams. With it, I always put a bookmark that reads, ‘I thank my God every time I remember you.’ -Philippians 1:3. I needed a card in which to write and tell them to put a picture of their loved one in the bookmark. And you had the most perfect card.

“At my age, 85, I’m losing a lot of good friends. When you read about me, you saw that I am still very active in the community, serving on many different boards. For 60 years, I have been reading to children and in nursing homes, always dressed up in costumes. My favorite is to teach four-year-old Sunday School. The room at the Children’s Museum where I have long done the storytelling is now named Grandma Betty’s Farm. 🙂

“I’m grateful for your token of appreciation. And I am proud to be using your cards! Much love to you! ~ Betty Farr

“PS: Just thought you would want to know I have a boyfriend, too … Richard W. Riley. So get back on Google!”

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