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Erika Brannock

One evening in June 2013, our founder answered the phone to hear Cardthartic’s Customer Care Manager Reet Rawdin say, “Hurry, hurry, turn on CNN!” On the screen was our Meanings of Life dragonfly magnet dangling above the bed of the last Boston bombing survivor to leave the hospital. Erika Brannock was ready to go home.

Back on Boston Marathon day, the 29-year-old Maryland preschool teacher had gone with her sister to see their mother run. They were standing near the finish line when the bomb went off. As reporter Randi Kaye explained, “Erika’s left leg was amputated above the knee but, after multiple surgeries, they were able to save her right.”

Kaye went on to say, ”Above her bed, a dragonfly hangs.” Then we see Erika look up and, through tears, tell the world, “It has this saying on it that it’s a symbol of strength and courage and getting through hard times. So, it’s kind of been like my mascot.”

Wow. How humbling and gratifying it was to hear that about our little dragonfly! The next day, Erika’s Fairy Cardmother put together a big box of dragonfly magnets, enough for all this teacher’s tiny preschool students.


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