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Marv Loopstra

I am now a 64-year-old male who spent most of my misspent youth in California. I grew up in flip-flops, I went to school in flip-flops, I dated in flip-flops. Even now, any balmy day it is above 50 degrees here in St. Louis, I wear flip-flops. I have friends who have NEVER seen me in anything But flip-flops.

I make split cane bamboo fly rods and, when I attend the two rod-makers gatherings (there are but a few of us) in the Colorado Rockies or Arkansas in October, I am in flip-flops. Those folks think I do not own a pair of shoes!

So it was that today, on my 64th, I received (from a good friend and student rod maker) your flip-flop card! It brought such a smile to my face that I cried. I cannot thank you enough for putting your beautiful thoughts into such descriptive words. My friend KNEW that that card was ‘a Marv Card’ when he saw it and kept it, waiting until this day. It is a card that I will keep until I am no more.

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