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Our founder adored the beautiful black Lab named Lucia. Having had the pleasure of her company for nearly 11 years, it was with much sadness and gratitude that Jodee let her beach buddy go in 2008. Cushings Disease had worn the gorgeous girl down and, when Jodee asked the kind-hearted vet what to do, she was assured, “It’s best to let them go while their tails are still wagging.” Somehow she did, then e-mailed the sad news to the many kind humans she knew would care.

Jodee found the return calls, cards and e-mails beyond comforting. If you’ve ever loved an animal, you already know how they can bring out our best. She shares this sampling of kind messages with you here because they’re what The Cardthartic Experience is all about. They remind us what extraordinary writers non-writers can be. Thank you, bella Lucia, for all you meant to so many!

“Lucia was an old soul in a dog’s body. There was something wonderful, magical, human-like about her. You gave her a good life and she, in turn, gave you unconditional love, silly joy, and companionship. I’m sending you a big hug of sympathy & love.” ~ Californian Astrid Sheil was visiting her mother in Miami Beach when she introduced herself … to Lucia, and then Jodee, circa 2004.

“Letting her go must have been one of the hardest things you’ve ever had to do. It was also one of the most loving things you’ve ever done.” ~ Roz ‘n Raj, wise and compassionate friends who split their time between Florida and Texas.

“Your email brought tears to my eyes. They are not all sad tears, though. You and Lucia were a beautiful little duo, and you’re extremely lucky to have had each other. As hard as it was to let her go, you did the right thing. I will forever have a vivid image of Lucia happily wandering the beach!” ~ Miami Beach friend Sarah Wilson, aka Luna’s human.

“If it weren’t so late, I would call you up right now! I am in tears from the news. Remember, for Lucia, life was always a beach, and I’m glad she brought us together. Bacios for you and little Luce!” ~ Oriana Wood, Jodee’s former Miami Beach neighbor. Unbeknownst to Jodee, Oriana snapped this photo of Lucia roaming the beach, just before the two humans met, then waited until the day before she moved to Phoenix to present it — five years later! 🙂 What a sweetie.

“What can anyone say except, ‘I know the feeling.’ But I still remember with great fondness and joy the running in the woods, chasing the ball, digging in the dirt, the wagging of the tail. The memories stay and they are wonderful and make me smile, as they will you one day. Thinking of you and sending a hug.” ~ David Hes of Jannex Enterprises, Cardthartic’s great Canadian distributor.

“My dearest Lucia, I’m so glad I met you in this lifetime … you meant a lot to me. You were the only black Lab I was able to embrace and kiss your nose. Oh boy, what about those times going to walk on rainy days and you getting in those small lakes??? Thank you for sitting next to us on the beach, digging your own hole in the sand so you would be cooler. Thank you for your tail waving every time I took you out. In all, Lucia, thank you very much for being part of my life. Love you always, Tia Ylsa. P.S. By the way, see if you can meet my Old English Sheepdog, Cardigan. I am sure you both will have a great time together! I used to love to kiss his nose, too.” ~Ylsa Roberts, Miami Beach friend and the proud Venezuelan artist who helped Jodee launch our Meanings of Life line.

“She will now be one of your angels watching out for you, as she’s always done, just from a higher place. Much love and light.” ~Ellen Brazer, Miami psychotherapist

“That really sucks. Or, as Carter says, ‘That makes my heart hurt.’” ~ Valerie Sebring, then mother of four-year-old Carter, and now Cardthartic’s Creative Director.