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Yay for our Sheroes!

MAR 8, 2019 – On this International Women’s Day, I want to pass along a great tip I once received from a wonderful shero of mine. “Every day, make a point of celebrating even the smallest of your accomplishments,” she advised. “By acknowledging all those little victories, you’re actually strengthening your confidence muscles so that — when faced with much bigger challenges — you instinctively know, “Having done this, that and the other things, I can handle this, too.”

Shero Mary Morini uses her love of cards to help new Americans build confidence and English skills. A volunteer at the International Institute of St. Louis, Mary recently took a stash of our new Pretty Words cards to a gathering of immigrants at the Institute. “I thought it would be fun and good practice for these brave and beautiful refugees to each read a card aloud, then explain what the words meant to them. If they got it right, the card was theirs! (And I knew they’d all do just fine). After the exercise, one student jumped up to find her teacher and proudly gave her card to him. Another said her card was going to her husband. There were lots of proud smiles in that room!”

After losing a leg in the Boston Marathon bombing, shero Erika Brannock hung one of our Meanings of Life dragonfly magnets above her hospital bed. “It talks about finding your strength and courage and getting through tough times,” Erika tearfully told CNN at the time. “It’s become a mascot to me.” Six years later, the healthy preschool teacher has written a beautifully honest children’s book about a dragonfly who broke a wing. “I want kids to know that sometimes a bad thing can happen, but it doesn’t have to define you and take over your life,” Erika said. “It can make you a better person.”

Shero Paulette Wood sent our Meanings of Life wonder woman card as a party invitation to true wonder women in her life … they lived throughout the country, and most had never met. She wanted to host this gathering just to express her admiration for all of them. After the party, Paulette reported, “I was able to tell seven Wonder Women from age 34 to 96 how amazing they each are, and how they’ve positively impacted my life.”

While International Women’s Day is a perfect time to reach out and acknowledge the sheroes in our lives, what makes us true Cardies is that we take pleasure in doing that all the time! “Take no one and nothing for granted,” I always say. For the sheroes among us, hip-hip-hooray!

~ jodee stevens
founder & chief creative

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