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To Dreaming Big

MAR 1, 2019 – Inside this birthday card reads, “May you always see the greatness in you.” On this, my 64th, I want to share an inspiring email I received from the great dreamer and doer that is Cardie Phil Little.

Let me first back my horse up here and say that one of my favorite pleasures is communicating with our Cardies throughout the land — what extraordinarily kind and interesting people you are! When I “dream big,” I see our community coming together for lively Cardie Parties across the country. And I see us as increasingly active Cardies in Action, collectively tackling important initiatives, making the world a better place one card at a time.

With every dream comes its challenges. Our Reps work so hard, going from store to store being, as Robin Moreland in Minneapolis proudly calls herself, a “card gardener,” carefully cultivating our Retail Partners’ card sections. And those Retail Partners, it’s only by having an uncommon talent for product sourcing, merchandising and community relations that they thrive. For as much as we all may love a great paper card, let’s face it, the immediacy of email, texts and social media have made them the lazy man’s go-to form of greetings today.

So here’s what wise Phil Little has to say about dreams and challenges. At 79, the country music songwriter is still adding to the 551 songs, 3 CDs, 10 videos, 207 studio-recorded songs and 128 gigs/Open Mics already to his credit. “This still leaves me time to lick my wounds when I try to get a music project initiated and it falls flat,” he emailed me. “As I wrote in a song:

I git on my horse and ride
don’t have one, of course, it’s just inside
I can’t win the race if I haven’t tried, so
I git on my horse and ride.

… just as you do for Cardthartic.”

Cardies, let me selfishly say that it would please me greatly if you’ll Share Your Story; we’ll proudly post it with Phil’s in the Cardie Communitysection of our site. If you’re not already present and accounted for, you might wanna be ’cause you’ll be in great company. 🙂 No pressure, just pleasure! I am just so proud of the great, growing card-loving collaborative we have become. Thanks for the good wishes you send to me, my Cardthartic colleagues, and your very own Fairy Cardmother all year long. It’s another beautiful day to be alive — let’s git on our horses and ride!

~ jodee stevens
founder & chief creative

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