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Sending Get Well Wishes

MAR 13, 2019 -What a trickster Mother Nature can be! Teasing so much of the country into thinking Spring, then assaulting sinuses with another dip into the deep freeze. And, sorry to say, a new, more-severe strain of flu is on the rise. Just last week our Creative Director had to lovingly tussle with her young son who was lobbying to spend the night at a friend’s. “That whole family has all had the flu,” Val stressed, “so no way do I want you in that germ-infested house!” (:-o

To lift the spirits of any germ-infested friends or family, may we suggest some good and timely Feel Better cards? Proud to say, the new card to the left above originated with one of our Cardies! A year ago we sent an eblast in which I was whining about being down-and-out with bronchitis, and Nancy McGinn replied, “Here’s hoping you feel better today than yesterday … and not nearly as good as tomorrow!” I remember feeling instantly better after reading Nancy’s good wishes (then sensing they were a new Passages card in-the-making 🙂

If you’ve ever been stuck in bed feeling lousy with a bad cold or the flu, you can imagine how much better it would feel to open a cheerful card than yet-another box of tissues. Consider sending some get well wishes, Cardies. And do stay healthy yourselves. We’re in the home stretch.

~ jodee stevens
founder & chief creative

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