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Rosemary Tolliver & Jenni Betz

Our founder Jodee met mother and daughter Rosie and Jenni back in 2008, after publishing the photo of their sweet Celia on a Little Reminders card. When we first chose the photo, we didn’t know Celia was living with a rare and fatal disease called Batten. It was through Jenni’s blog, betzfamilycolumbus, that we learned Celia’s story, a hard but glorious read.

Jenni’s writing was (and is) so rich and raw and mesmerizing that Jodee soon found herself mining Jenni’s posts for potential cards. Jenni allowed us to publish the first design featuring her writing when Celia entered hospice in 2009. Today, messages about life’s joys and challenges from Jenni and the awesome and eloquent Rosie now grace more than a dozen Cardthartic designs. And how wonderful that these two Contributing Cardies are not professional writers, just simply exquisite writers.

In the Spring of 2017, we emailed all our Contributing Cardies to invite them to submit potential messages for our Summer release. Right back came an e from Rosie that read, “For the past few weeks, I have been consumed with caring for my older brother, John. I am eager to do some writing, but it will have to wait a few more days … it did occur to me to share with you the words my husband, Rod, said when I called home to tell him that John had passed away.  They felt perfect.  ‘Well, he lived long and he lived well, and it was time to say goodbye.’” Rosie was so right ~ Rod’s soothing and beautiful message ultimately became condolence card #93890.

The day after she sent us that e, along came another from Rosie. “The next generation enjoyed a game of friendly flag football on the church lawn after my brother’s funeral service.  This picture Jenni took of her boys is such a good reminder that there can be joy right in the middle of sadness. We need the love of family and special memories to carry us through the tough times.  There’s a card in there somewhere!”  Indeed.

Like their authors, Rosie and Jenni’s cards are all full of their real life love and fun and wisdom. Long live Jenni and Rosie’s goodness.

Cards with messages by Rosemary Tolliver

Cards with messages by Jenni Betz