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Submit Cardworthy Images

We release new card designs throughout the year, so always welcome submissions. We love seeing the work of great photographers whose images fit the different looks and voices of our Passages and Little Reminders lines.

TO SUBMIT images for consideration, use the link below to email Creative Coordinator Liz Biswell with a link to your website or a lightbox you’ve set up with your Cardthartic pull.  Once we’ve taken a quick a look at your images, we’ll respond to your email with our initial sense of whether we think our styles mesh.

CARDTHARTIC PAYS $250 per image for non-exclusive use on our cards and magnets. To clarify, by “non-exclusive” we mean that we won’t limit you from selling the rights to that same image other places. That said, seeing it on another publisher’s cards would not be good for any of us, so we ask that you please keep that in mind.

We look forward to seeing your work!

Once you’re ready …