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Submit Possible PASSAGES Messages

For Passages, we welcome messages that sound like you — just as natural, conversational and personable as possible. In our experience, the best way to get to “genuine” is to call to mind a specific someone and imagine the message you’d actually pen in a blank note to that person. Then, before hitting SUBMIT, it helps to read what you’ve written aloud, asking yourself, “Are these the words I’d actually use in conversation?” When re-reading our own writing, we often remind ourselves, “If it sounds trite, it probably is!”  And, if so, out it goes.

While we know you’re not really in it for the money – ‘cause the industry doesn’t pay much – we pay industry standard $50 for each message published.

Submit Meanings of Life and Little Reminders

If you’re drawn to writing for our more challenging lines, that’s a whole other story. Email samples to Creative Coordinator Liz Biswell

We sincerely appreciate your interest, and will reach back out to you if/when we find that your message has the makings of a Passages card. Feel free to come back again and again as the spirit moves you. Enjoy your Cardthartic Experience!

Once you’re ready …