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Nancy McGinn

In the summer of ’16, soon after the tragic Orlando nightclub shooting, we offered to send three of our grieving card #93467 free to anyone who requested them, to mail to whomever they chose. As we said in the eblast, “No purchase necessary; you need only use the cards to let three people you care for know that ~ no matter how long ago they lost someone dear to them ~ you honor the love and the hurt they still have deep in their big hearts now.”

Along with many enthusiastic responses came this email: “I don’t really need the cards, but I just wanted to tell you what a great company I think you are. And, being from Peoria, IL, I love that you are based just 90 minutes away from your Fulfillment Center in Champaign. I hardly send cards anymore ’cause of email, but I think I’ll start and you can bet I’ll be getting them from you. Continued success with your card business and all that comes your way. Nancy”

Our founder Jodee couldn’t resist writing back, “Hahaha! Your ‘I hardly send cards anymore ’cause of email’ so tickled me that I considered sending you a congratulations card for your brutal honesty! Nancy, if/when you Do start sending cards again, we’ll be here. As you can tell by my delight in reading your candor just now, honoring emotions really is a good thing. Thank you!  ~ jodee”

Nancy wrote back the following day, “Okay, first I can’t believe you replied to my email. Second, I changed my mind and replied to the offer of the free red flower cards last night. After I thought about it, I thought that is just too sweet an offer to pass up. Plus, I would not have known about Cardthartic if a friend had not sent me your dragonfly card, and it was such a beautiful card and sentiment that I checked out your website and ordered a bunch of that card. So if my sending three red flower cards might also make more people aware of Cardthartic, that would be a very good thing! Fourth, don’t worry that you will get an email from me every day. Ha! I’ll be busy mailing out my new cards. Nancy”

Yes, it seemed one wayward card-sender had found her way back into the fold! 🙂 That first night, Nancy had selected $189 in cards, noting in Order Comments, “I can’t believe I am ordering this many cards! I guess I have a lot of catching up to do to show people how special they are to me, and you people have provided the perfect way. Thanks!”  Five days later, she ordered another $57 in cards. Her Order Comment: “I think I’m addicted!”

Jodee emailed Nancy, “Hey, we’d love to know what you thoughtfully scribble in all those cards!”  And that was all the encouragement it took for this little Cardie to start regularly passing along what she wrote. Like a first-time golfer who shoots a hole-in-one, the very first message Nancy shared became a card! “A co-worker just filed for divorce,” she explained, “and has only told two people, so I think she could use some support. I thought the dragonfly was the perfect way to give her some. In it I wrote, ‘You are brave. You are strong. You are loved.’” Simply beautiful.

For Nancy and Jodee, that exchange is now scores of emails and countless chats ago. Because Nancy and her great husband Jim live just 1.5 hours away from our Sales & Fulfillment Center, Jodee makes a point of visiting every chance she gets. “It should come as no surprise that anyone who buys 50 cards at a time has the makings of a spectacular friend,” Jodee says. “Nanc is the consummate communicator … passionate about people, places and meaningful things, she always has a lot to say, and in a consistently warm and fun way.”

When we asked Nanc to submit a headshot, she dragged her feet until finally she sent the one you see. “Well, this is as good as it gets,” she wrote. “Here I am holding a cup and tea from Todd and Holland Tea Merchants, which carries Cardthartic cards in Forest Park, IL.”  And in that whimsical no-holds-barred way of hers, minutes later arrived her PS: “Oh yeah, you’ll appreciate this. We were getting ready to go out and I asked Jim to take a pic for you guys; when he said he was ready I hadn’t decided what pants I was going to wear and thought, ‘well, they won’t be in the pic anyway, so he shot it without!”

Needless to say, there are many more Nancy McGinn card messages filled with humor and grace in the Cardthartic pipeline. Stay tuned.


Cards with messages by Nancy McGinn