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Christy Wheat

This wise and sparkly woman has contributed much more than card messages to Cardthartic over the years. She is one of the most insightful people you could ever know, and the honest & true friend everyone would love to have.

Christy is a former neighbor friend of artist Julie Ross, who so beautifully illustrated many of our early Meanings of Life designs before moving on to focus on her fine art. Being a talented country music writer, Christy was so intrigued by the storytelling feel of the cards Julie was creating with our founder, she asked Jodee if she could give them a go. And on she went to pen many of our strongest messages, drawing on her life experiences as deeply and richly as only a country music songwriter like Christy can.

Along the way, she sent us the lovely “What a better place the world would be…” message that was published first on a Passages birthday card dedicated to her inspiring friend Meg Mosley. It was so popular — and so many people said, “Hey?!? That message should be on a friendship card” that, now, it is.  We love Christy!

Cards with messages by Christy Wheat