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Anne Scott-Putney

You might say this Contributing Cardie married into the Cardthartic family. 🙂  In 2014, she wed
Astrid Sheil, the longtime friend of our founder.  Jodee was thrilled that Astrid chose to spend the rest of her life with this wordsmith of the highest order.

Over the years, Anne has penned a number of great messages that grace Cardthartic cards.  And one of the most beautiful things she’s ever written has to be her wedding vows. We found them so touching and goose-bumpy beautiful that we asked if we might share them here. Standing before family and friends, Anne said to Astrid:

“When I look into your eyes, I see all the stages of a woman’s life. I see the little girl with the Dutch boy haircut trundling off to school. I see the 10-year-old careening down the alley on her bike, relishing her freedom. In your eyes, I see the romantic teenager who learned to dance by watching her parents tango in the living room. I see the energy of the college student: Ready to conquer the world. I see the young professional ~ so hot, so cool.  And I see the mother you have been to your children, who taught you to find the depths of your own love and patience.

“Most of all, in your eyes I see the love and all the years ahead of us. I pledge to be playful with the little girl in you, nurture the adventurer, encourage the leader, and spark the romantic. I will cherish you, defend you and care for you. We are only human, but what we have together is sacred.”

Long live and love Anne & Astrid!

Cards with messages by Anne Scott-Putney