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Phil Little

I purchased some Cardthartic cards from the Minneapolis-area card shop, Iverson’s, and this note pertains to one of those cards. The reason for the purchase was the verse: “We are all … exactly where we’re meant to be.”

My reaction was that the verse was perfect for my granddaughter who is a freshman in college. Her birthday is today and she had had a recent disappointment that would be quite difficult for anyone but, from which, she “sucked it up” and moved on. To me, she showed her maturity, which I thought the verse served to reinforce.

Being impressed with the verse and being an amateur songwriter, I further decided to write a song dedicated to her based upon the verse which I recorded to forward to her today.

This is to thank you for this particular card and the others we have used. When shopping for cards, I very selectively choose the message, and find appropriate ones readily available from Cardthartic.

Note: Since Phil wrote us, the Passages design he referenced has been retired, but we have our eyes open for an image that would fit well so we could re-release it. 

Click below to listen to Phil Little’s “Where We’re Meant to Be:”