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Dot Coltrane

I discovered Cardthartic cards not quite two years ago, when we moved from Atlanta, GA, to Birmingham, AL. To properly equip our small yard for new feathered friends, we visited Wild Birds Unlimited. In addition to bird feeders, seed, suet and birdbaths, this store offers Cardthartic cards. As a longtime Cardie and “real mail holdout,” I started to stock up each time we were in the store. Later, I found a much wider selection online and started ordering here.

This past Father’s Day weekend, my older brother and sister-in-law, who live in a rural area of North Carolina, watched their house burn to the ground after it had been struck by lightning. Luckily, they were across the road at their daughter’s house having an early Father’s Day dinner. My brother is 86 and my sister-in-law is 81, so this event was devastating (it would be at any age, but they had lived in this house for nearly 40 years). Living several hours away and feeling helpless, I started sending them a different card every week, sometimes with a little package of “goodies.” I would always find the perfect message of encouragement in a Cardthartic card.

I like to think each card I mail has lifted their spirits, and I plan to send more. One in particular, the Little Red Wagon card, is in an order I just placed today. As I was finishing the order, I noticed “Share Your Story” on the website menu. This is mine. Thank you for providing words and pictures on cards that help me express love and support for family members who mean the world to me.

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